January 31th 2019

First 2019 publication for nutritionDay worldwide in collaboration with Abbott shows 1 in 3 hospitalized adults are at risk of malnutrition.

Results From #nutritionDay in the #UnitedStates

The European Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism (ESPEN); Medizinische Universität Wien (MUW)

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Download full program and read more info here

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January 29th 2019

Be trained from the best experts in clinical nutrition and indirect calorimetry. Don't miss this unique opportunity!

Meet the nutritionDay worldwide team at ESPEN WORKSHOP Hands-on: Advanced Nutrition Care in the ICU

on 11-12th March 2019 at the AKH and Medizinische Universität Wien.

Organized by:

Prof. M. Hiesmayr (#nutritionDay Austria) & Prof. P. Singer (#nutritionDay Israel)

REGISTER and submit your ABSTRACT here

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January 25th 2019

41st ESPEN Congress - Registration open!

nutritionDay worldwide will be part of the 41st ESPEN Congress in Krakow (PL) from the 31Aug-3Sept 2019!

Be part of this international event gathering worldwide experts in clinical nutrition!

Come meet the nutritionDay team at the #ESPEN conference, visit www.nutritionday.org!

View more pictures here

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January 16th 2019

 "Together for a better nutrition care"

nutritionDay worldwide at the ESPEN Wintermeeting 2019 - Nice (FR)

nutritionDay worldwide has presented project's progresses and a positive outlook on 2019 to the ESPEN Executive Committee during last ESPEN Wintermeeting held in Nice.

At the meeting, the nutritionDay project was also presented to the Council Country Representatives from over 40 countries worldwide.
Moreover, clinical nutrition practices were discussed, educational and research initiatives as well as collaborations were promoted with the aim to improve patients' outcome and nutrition care.


Hospital Questionnaires
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Intensive Care Questionnaires
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Nursing home Questionnaires
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nDay newsletter - June 2018


nDay newsletter - May 2018


New nDay publication

van der Werf A, Arthey K, Hiesmayr M, Sulz I, Schindler K, Laviano A, Langius J, de van der Schueren M.
The determinants of reduced dietary intake in hospitalised colorectal cancer patients.
Suppportive Care in Cancer (2018). https://doi.org/10.1007/s00520-018-4044-1



The ASPEN 2018 Nutrition Science and Practice Conference has succesfully take place at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, Nevada from January 22nd to 25th, 2018.

Univ. Prof. Michael Hiesmayr, nDay project leader presented the „nutritionDay & the Malnutrition Challenge: 11 years” on the 23rd of January 7:00 – 9:00 pm. The poster „Prevalence of Malnutrition Risk and the Impact of Nutrition Risk on Hospital Outcomes: Results from nutritionDay in the U.S.” (abstract number 2835152/W43) was presented during the poster session.



Save the date for nDay 2018 on the 15th of November 2018.

Participate with your hospital ward or nursing home and evaluate the current nutrition status and care of your patients and residents.  Questionnaires are available in over 30 languages. An anonymous feedback report compares the nutrition status and nutrition care of your patients/residents internationally. Information can be used for monitoring and quality improvement. Register here or contact us for further information. New reports with an advanced layout and data presentation will be available.


nDay newsletter



For first-time participants and all those who would like to do a test run prior to nutritionDay 2017 we have set up a test account for the data entry. You are welcome to use this possibility in order to get familiar with the system and ask for our assistance in case of questions.
Choose your setting (hospital/ICU/nursing home) here.
And sign in via:
Hospital: 3033nd7430
ICU: 3033icu3250
Nursing home: 1756nh9131
We hope that this will help you to be best prepared for the upcoming nutritionDay in November!




We are very happy to announce, that the reports for nDay in hospitals are finally available in English, German and French for download on our website.

As usual, please proceed as follows:
• Log in to the data entry
• Navigate to tab “Report”
• Tick “Report Acceptance”
• Press “Generate Report”

Please make sure that your unit fulfilled the requirements concerning the minimum number of patients needed for report generation. A minimum of 8 patients is required to receive a hospital report, for oncology reports 5 patients are required.

We noticed that for some participants the download of the report does not immediately work when generating the report for the first time. Should an error message occur, please try to generate the report for a second time. If you are still facing problems with downloading the report, the nutritionDay team is happy to help you. Please contact us via: office@nutritionday.org

We would like to apologize sincerely once again that the availability of the reports had to be postponed for a remarkable period of time. Thank you very much for your patience and loyalty in this matter.




We’d like to remind you, that the 60-Day-Outcome for those who participated in nutritionDay in ICUs on the 23rd of February is due on the 24th of April, 2017.

The 180-Day-Outcome for those who participated in nutritionDay in Nursing Homes on the 10th of November, 2016 is due on the 9th of May, 2017.

You can find the questionnaires for the outcome evaluation in your preferred language here. Please use the patient’s medical record for your outcome data collection. You do not need to contact the patient for this information.




We’d like to remind you, that the 30-Day-Outcome for those who participated in nutritionDay in hospitals on the 23rd of February is due on the 25th of March, 2017. You can find the questionnaire “30-Day-Outcome” in your preferred language here. Please use the patient’s medical record for your outcome data collection. You do not need to contact the patient for this information.




Currently, the data collected in hospitals in November 2016 and February 2017 is being used to create the new “Smart Report” that helps your unit interpret the results by providing context. The Smart Report will provide more graphical, statistical, and contextual descriptions that are meant to help units assess what areas can be improved upon and what areas are consistent or better than current practice described in nutrition care literature, current practice guidelines, and reference data.

We are working on providing you with preliminary reports in the meantime but are very sorry to inform you that due to the already announced delays during the development process we have to postpone the availability of the preliminary report for an indefinite period.

The new reports for participants in nursing homes are already developed and will be available to participants soon.

We’d like to apologize for the inconvenience and ask for your loyalty and patience during this time of transition and welcome any feedback or questions. We hope you will find our future reports useful and relevant.




We are still working to enable nutritionDay reports in as many languages as possible. Therefore we would appreciate your support in translating our currently available English report into your national language.
You can do this by clicking on the link below to enter an online excel file in which the English version of the report is provided in one column and the respective language is provided in the second column.

In case entering in the excel file is not possible automatically, you can unlock the excel by following the below steps:

1. click the link to the respective language
2. scroll to the top of the page
3. click on the symbol "edit in browser" on the top right side of the screen
4. enter the translations in column B
5. close the window again (it is not required to safe the changes - it is saved automatically)

Thank you very much for your support!

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All nutritionDay related publications are now updated on our website. So far there have been 16 publications using the nutritionDay database.
Go and check them out on the website here: http://www.nutritionday.org/en/researchers-scientists/researchers-scientists/nday-publications/index.html




SECOND DATE FOR nutritionDAY 2016

Take advantage of the opportunity to join nutritionDay on the 23rd of February, if you have not been able to take part in November 2016.
You may participate as well if you have already taken part in November but would like to add more patients to your database.
Alternatively, you may also choose a Thursday until 9th of March 2017.





The date for the next nutritionDay has been set for November 9th 2017. Don´t miss the opportunity to take part!





The reports will be available after the 23rd of February 2017 (2nd round) in your personal account which is accessible via data entry on
our website www.nutritionday.org.

The reference to which your unit is compared to is based on data of nutritionDay 2016 in November. Data that has been entered until Mid of February will be included in the reference.
CLICK --> “My nDay/login” --> ”Data entry/ upload” and choose your category (hospital, ICU or nursing home) --> Login with your Centre and Unit code:

• e.g. Centre code: 1234, Unit code: 5678
Data Entry Code: 1234nd5678 (exchange “nd” with “icu” or “nh” for your category)
Unit Code: 5678

--> Choose the tab “Reports”





nutritionDay is revising the questionnaires for nutritionDay. This gives us the chance to also work on the improvement of the translations. For the translation process we still depend on the support of people in the countries.

We would appreciate your help with the translation! By clicking on the link below you can enter an online excel file in which the English version of the questionnaires is provided in one column and the respective language is provided in a second coloumn. In case entering in the excel file is not possible automatically, you can unlock the excel by following the below steps:

  1. click the link to the respective language
  2. scroll to the top of the page
  3. click on the symbol "edit in browser"  on the top right side of the screen
  4. enter the translations in column B
  5. close the window again (it is not required to safe the changes - it is saved automatically)

Thank you very much for your support!

HOSPITAL Questionnaires

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You can view the English version of the questionnaires here unit Structures (sheet 1a/b), Patient medical information (sheet 2a/b), patient nutrition (sheet 3)

NURSING HOME Questionnaires

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ICU Questionnaires

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With regard to the upcoming nutritionDay 2016 we’ve made some changes to the nutritionDay in hospitals questionnaires. The revised questionnaires will focus on quality of care by including quality indicators and also address an economical perspective of nutritional care. This approach allows to receive a more comprehensive picture of the nutritional care situation and may allow to learn about how effective nutrition care can be provided.

We’ve as well revised the questionnaires for the nDay in nursing homes, which will make participation even faster and easier than before whilst maintaining the same benefit for you. Only 2 instead of 5 questionnaires with shorter questions and a clearer structure need to be answered from now on.


Newsletter July



Outcome ICU

This is a short reminder for your ICU data entry!

The outcome data entry is to be completed 60 days after your nutritionDay participation (19th of January, 26th January, 2nd February)




"Kampf der Mangelernährung" nutritionDay participants in Austria / Vorarlberg. More Information in this press release (German)



Kreisklinik Ottobeuren has participated in nutritionDay.

More information in this press release (in German).



nutritionDay in Poland! Thank you Joanna for sending this nice picture to us!


Regional Medical Center of Orangeburg and Calhoun Counties participated in nutritionDay

More information in this press article!



Thank you for participating in nutritionDay!



Today is nutritionDay! We wish you all the best for your participation



Code of Conduct - Promotion of nutritionDay

A "Code of Conduct" has been established for promotion activities of external groups (scientific and commercial groups). It sets a framework for national promotion campaigns.

You can find our Code of Conduct here!



nutritionDay Publication in PLOS ONE

The Patient- And Nutrition-Derived Outcome Risk Assessment Score (PANDORA): Development of a Simple Predictive Risk Score for 30-Day In-Hospital Mortality Based on Demographics, Clinical Observation, and Nutrition

We proudly present this study which was recently published in the open access journal PLOS ONE. Download the publication here!



nutritionDay setzt in Österreich auf politische Veränderungen!

nutritionDay worldwide (nDay) erhebt im Auftrag des Bundesministeriums für Gesundheit (BMG) und in Kooperation mit der Universität Wien, der Medizinischen Universität Wien, dem Department für Ernährungswissenschaften und der Arbeitsgemeinschaft Klinische Ernährung österreichweit Daten zum Thema Mangelernährung in Krankenhäusern. Gesammelte Daten fließen in den Nationalen Ernährungsbericht 2016 ein und werden genutzt um die Situation von Mangelernährung österreichweit zu dokumentieren. Durch eine repräsentative Erfassung des Ernährungsstatus von Patienten und Patientinnen sowie von ernährungsrelevanten Strukturen, kann eine österreichweite Karte von Mangelernährung gezeichnet werden. Die Ergebnisse helfen Schritte auf politischer Ebene näher zu definieren.

Die offizielle Ankündigung finden Sie hier

Mehr dazu unter nutritionDay's Country Specials



Reminder: NH outcome data entry

Please remember to enter your outcome data for your nursing home!



National Reports of nutritionDay 2014 

Dear participants, the National Reports of nutritionDay 2014 are freely available for download.
For anonymity reasons reports are only provided for those countries with 6 or more participating units.

Find out more about nutrition care in your country!



Newsletter May



Newsletter March



Today's Dietitian Article "The Value of Benchmarking"

The Value of Benchmarking



To our participants of 2006-2012

Please help us with a publication which is currently under review.

If you have submitted the nutritionday study to a national Ethics committee between 2006-2012 and received a positive approval please send us the name of the EC giving the positive approval. We only need the name of the EC not the approval itself.

Please be so kind and send us the name of the Ethic Committee giving a positive approval!

We thank you very much for your cooperation!
Please be so kind and respond to Michael.hiesmayr@meduniwien.ac.at and office@nutritionday.org!


Newsletter January



Deadlines for nDay 2014

DEADLINES for participants

of nutritionDay 2014

nD in hospitals

(incl. onco nDay)

nD in ICU nD in nursing homes
1. nutritionDay 2014 6th November 2014 6th November 2014 6th November 2014
2. Outcome Evaluation 8th December 2014 6th January 2015 6th May 2015
3. Deadline for data entry No deadline No deadline No deadline
4. Report availability

Immediately after data entry and

again after outcome data entry


Immediately after data entry and

again after outcome data entry

5. Deadline to be included in national reports 30th April 2015 -- --



Short reminder ICU outcome data entry

please enter outcome data for your ICU hospital wards into the ICU database. To enter data please go to "my nDay | login" and select "data entry | upload" and click "data entry for ICU". Login to your ICU account using your centre and unit code. 

Example: centrecode: 1234   unitcode: 5678   

Data entry code: 1234icu5678

Unitcode: 5678

Please enter outcome data of each patient by clicking on the little icon indicated below the heading "sheet 2 and outcome"



Short reminder non- ICU outcome data entry

This is a short reminder to not forget to enter outcome data for your non-ICU hospital wards. The database will be open on 6th of December!! Thank you for participating in nutritionDay



Thank you very much for participating in this year's nutritionDay! Please share your experiences with us and send us your feedback!!



Tomorrow is nutritionDay!

This is your chance to find out and compare nutrition care in your facility. Take this opportunity and register for the project here: http://www.nutritionday.org/en/my-nday-login/registration/index.html and order codes here: http://www.nutritionday.org/en/my-nday-login/center-codes-unit-codes/index.html.


Newsletter October



new info folder in German and English

Check out our new INFOFOLDER "NutritionDay - a project aiming to fight malnutrition in hospitals and nursing homes - from an inspiring idea to a wordwide initiative"
In English: upload/pdf/9.Education_Training/Informationsmappe_English_final.pdf
In German: upload/pdf/9.Education_Training/Informationsmappe_german_final.pdf



nutritionDay reminder

do not forget to take part at this year's nutritionDay on 6th November!! Get prepared and start actions!! For all of you who did not yet download the questionnaires: you can find all sheets in several languages in the section "30 languages" or here:  http://www.nutritionday.org/en/30-languages/index.html  



questionnaires in national languages

All questionnaires and supporting information material can now be downloaded in the section "30 languages" in your national language.



nutritionDay promotion material

Would you like to promote nutritionday in your institution? Would you like to inform colleagues about the initiative? Do you need help with how to prepare and participate?

Use our information and promotion presentation to inform colleagues and to
prepare and participate in nutritionDay!




nutritionDay is present at the ESPEN congress in Geneva!
Visit the
nutritionDay booth in the ESPEN village and get actual information!

nutritionDay at ESPEN congress 2014

NutritionDay national coordinators shall please visit the booth to be video interviewed about national initiatives and stories of success in their countries! The videos will be published on the website in the section Country specials. Take this opportunity to present nutritionDay in your country!!

Today you can attend the following sessions about nutritionDay:
nutritionDay presentation at the congress



14:00-15:30 BMI
Nutrition care and outcome in the critically ill:
nutritionDay ICU 2007-2013
M.Hiesmayr, P.Singer, M.Mouhieddine, C.Schuh and nutritionDay Research Group



07:30-08:30, Room F
Special Interest Group Meeting

PP020-SUN Stress Hyperclycemia and treatment in the critically ill:
Evolution 2007-2013 in the nutritionDay ICU cohort

M.Hiesmayr, P.Singer, M.Mouhieddine, C.Schuh, S.Kosak, K.Schindler and nutritionDay Research Group

PP026-SUN nutritionDay ICU:
The nutrition Profile of 9,777 critically ill patients in the world from 2007-2013

I.Ben-David (IL), S.Riuz Santana, M.Hiesmayr, P.Singer

PP046-SUN nutritionDay in nursing homes:
Effects of weight loss and low BMI on 6 month mortality

R.Wirth (DE), C.Kolb, D.Volkert, C.Smoliner, M.Hiesmayr, C.Sieber



PP068-MON nutritionDay oncology 2012-2013:
The Results
P.Singer, S.Kosak, A.Laviano, M.Mouhieddine, M.Hiesmayr

PP085-MON nutritionDay 2006-2012:
The oncology patients (patients admitted on oncology units)

S.Kosak (AT), P.SInger, A.Laviano, M.Mouhieddine, M.Hiesmayr

PP177-MON nutritionDay in hospitals:
Evolution of Brazil Participation from 2009-2013

M.C.Gonzales (BR), S.Orlandi, J.V. Spolidoro, C.Cukier, O.R. Junior and SBNPE

PP190-MON nutritionDay in Israel:
Accumulated data from 2006-2012

M.Theilla (IL), M.Grinev, S.Kosak, M.Hiesmayr, P.Singer and nutritionDay Israel working Group

PP200-MON nutritionDay Spain 2012:
Are we different from the rest of Europe

C.Puiggros (BR), B.Sarto, G.Cardenas, J.A. Lopez, M.L. Chicharro, A.Sancho, M.Giribes, H.Segurola, R.Burgos

LB016-MON nutritionDay in nursing homes:
Great heterogeneity between institutions from different countries

D.Volkert (DE), R.Diekmann, R.Luzsa, C.Kolb, M.Mouhieddine, S.Kosak, K.Schindler, M.Hiesmayr, C.Sieber