Worldwide participation

All hospital units and nursing homes worldwide are invited to join nutritionDay!
Participation of home care, day care- and outpatient care institutions or other health care institutions with ambulatory treatment are planned for the future.

Individual patients have to be part of an institution to join the project.

The requirement is for each patient present in the unit on nutritionDay to complete the nutritionDay questionnaires so that a comprehensive picture of the unit can be obtained. The international design of the questionnaire available in more than 30 languages, also allows minority groups and non-native speakers to be included in the nDay survey.

All patients present within the unit from 7000hr to 7000hr ie- from the start of the first nursing shift to the start of the first nursing shift the following day (including admissions and discharges within this period) should be included in the audit. Patients less than 7 years of age will not be included.

Be part of nutritionDay worldwide!
Be one of 8000 hospital units and nursing homes worldwide who are taking part and creating a supportive network!