Benchmark your nutrition care

Upon participation, units receive a comprehensive unit report on their data with regional and worldwide comparison to units from the same specialty. Repeated participation allows benchmarking as well as monitoring of the nutrition care and its structure elements in the unit. Units are thus empowered, by available data, to determine local needs, to bring attention to specific area which need changes as well as to allow unit data comparison at a local and international level. Only for hospital category nutritionDay provides National Reports which show aggregated results from all participating units in a country in a year.

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Hospital reports

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The nutritionDay reports provide information about:

•  organisation and structures
•  disease specific information of patients or residents
•  weight monitoring, mobility and social contacts
•  nutritional habits and appetite
•  food intake
•  the patient‘s outcome is re-assessed at a predetermined period 30/60/180 days after nDay

Receiving reports

The reports are sent to the participating unit via their nDay account immediately after data entry. A minimum number of 8 patients/residents is normally needed to receive a report. A report for oncology patients is provided together with the hospital unit report.

The "nDay Smart Report" -  Graphical Report for hospital units

The nDay Smart Report was developped in 2018 by the nDay team to provide results to units in a clear and structured way thus facilitating reading, understanding and interpretation of the data. The report indicates important quality indicators of nutrition care in graphs and tables and provides a comparison of the unit data to national, regional and international reference in the same specialty. Definitions used in the Smart Report: here!

National reports

national reports show data of one year and one specific country from nDay in hospitals. These reports show data of all specialites compared to the worldwide average.