There are 2 questionnaires to complete on nutritionDay. The unit staff completes 1 questionnaire about structure of the unit and 1 questionnaire about resident characteristics (age, gender, weight, height, diseases, and drugs), residents' nutritional status, eating habits in the week before nutritionDay, and intake of food on nutritionDay.

Nursing home questionnaires

nursing home questionnaires

1. unit sheet: asks for nutrition related organisational and structural information on the unit. This questionnaire has to be completed once per ward by the unit staff. (1 page per unit - Duration 1x5 min)

2. resident description: asks for general characteristics, diseases, care level, mobility and restrictions on food intake. This questionnaire has to be completed by unit staff. (Duration 5min/resident)

Outcome Evaluation: re-assesses the resident's outcome 6 months after nutritionDay (residence after 6 months, actual weight, and hospitalization). This questionnaire has to be completed 6 months after nutritionDay by the unit staff. (Duration 2min per resident)