Publish nutritionDay Results

Take advantage of the huge international database and submit your research project linked to nutritionDayworldwide. Up to now, data of over 273 000 hospital patients and nursing home residents was entered into the database since 2006 and it can be used by researchers and scientists for research purposes. Additionally, a database including over 5000 patients with cancer illness allows to examine nutritional care of oncology patients from 2012.

Read carefully the nDay questionnaires and formulate your research proposal for submission to the Scientific Board for approval.

All types of research projects written in English and linked to data collected on nutritionDay in hospital wards, intensive care units or nursing homes since 2006 are welcome.

Submit your research project to the nutritionDay (nDay) Scientific Board!

Learn more about the submission procedure in the “Guidelines for Project submission”.

For legal reasons, upon approval of the research proposal by the Scientific Board, the researcher will sign a nDay data sharing agreement to receive the nDay data.