We have initiated the oncology nutritionDay in 2012 to improve understanding about the nutritional care and challenges of cancer patients - a group of patients with special nutritional requirements.

The results of nutritionDay oncology will help to make the ESPEN guidelines more appropriate for cancer patients and will help you to gain better insight into the nutritional treatment of cancer patients on your ward.

The oncology reports
A short oncology report provides the most important information on 3 pages. In the short version the results are indicated in three columns and additionally graphs visualize the results. Both reports are available for download in the personal "my nutritionDay" account. The short report is provided as a separate download from the nutritionDay website/report download. See example reports oncology long report and an oncology short report here.

A long version of the oncology report shows all information collected on nutritionDay. The report is configured as a table with 3 columns. The first column contains the name of the result, possibly with a short description. The unit’s results are shown in the second column and, in the third column, the reference values from units comparable with your unit are shown. The long version of the oncology report with all unit results can be found as an annex to the regular hospital unit report.