nutritionDay mission and vision


Anything worth doing is worth doing well.

Our Mission is
to improve patient safety and quality of care by raising awareness and increasing knowledge about disease-related malnutrition.

Our Vision is
to provide the healthcare community, including acute care facilities, rehabilitation facilities, home healthcare and nursing homes, with a full spectrum of resources to assess and ultimately minimize healthcare-related malnutrition.

Our vision is that nutritionDay becomes an ongoing and annually repeated systematic collection and analysis of data in hospital units and nursing homes worldwide and is recognised in the health care and scientific communities. nutritionDay will become a standard tool for determining the nutritional status and behaviour of a hospital unit’s and nursing home’s population and will be used by health care professionals and the hospital management level likewise to improve patient safety and quality of care.

Malnutrition in hospitals and nursing homes will be regarded as important public health concern and will be targeted as apriority issue at political level. Our vision is that nutritionDay will be adopted as asurveillance tool to monitor malnutrition at national level.