nutritionDay has a global network of experts and supporters.

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The coordination and scientific centre of nutritionDay worldwide is at the Medical University of Vienna, Austria. The scientific office of nutritionDay in nursing homes is located at the Friedrich Erlangen University in Nuremberg, Germany. National coordinators serve as local contact points and strengthen the network in each country. 

Get in contact with our coordination & scientific head office for questions related to nutritionDay or contact the scientific office  for nursing home related requests. Or contact the national coordinator of your country directly to get further information or support in your national language.

special mention should also be made to our large community of supporters and volunteers who assist nutritionDay with translation activities!

In this regard we especially thank Anne Marie Beck, Tobias Ding, Barbara Füzi, Pat Howard, Ilze Jagmane, Cora Jonkers, Derya Kilinc, Katja Kogovsek, Regina Komsa, Andreas Koutsoumpas, Zsuzsanna Lelovits, Miguel Leon-Sanz, Luis Matos, Nikolina Jukic Peladic, Amaya Peñalva Arigita, Olga Lucia Pinzón Espitia, Mohamed Saad Alshibani, Carmit Safra, Anna Stubbendorff, Lene Thoresen, Sergey Ukraintsev, Zeliha Özlü-Erkilic, Matteo Tardelli, Ramon Luengo-Fernandez, Nanna Rasmussen, Maria Röjeteg, Ana Ruivo, Natalija Vukovic and last but not least our national coordinators for their precious support!