nutritionDay certificate

nutritionDay participants receive a certificate!

Hospitals certificateCertificates are provided on unit level for a ward and personalised for the nDay coordinator.

The certificates are available in many languages and are provided exclusively to participants who reach the defined quality standards in data collections shown below.

Use the step-by-step guidance for certificate download in English or your national language for help.


Limits and quality standards to receive a nDay certificate

1. A minimum of 8 patients have to be included in nutritionDay per unit
2. A minimum of 60% of all patients present on nD have to be included in nD.
3. A minimum of 80% of patients that have participated in nutritionDay have to be included in the outcome evaluation 30 days after nD.

You can download certificates online from your personal “my nDay” account after you have entered your outcome data.

Prior to the certificate download we request that you complete a short feedback questionnaire about your personal experiences with nutritionDay (9 multiple-choice questions). This helps us to improve the project and make your participation more convenient and less time consuming.

Despite the limits for reports and certificates it is recommended that all patients present on the ward are included and that outcomes for all patients are recorded 30 days after nutritionDay. This is usually managed by actively encouraging patients to participate and giving full feedback about the nutritional situation on your ward.

We are very grateful for your participation in this important part of the project.