Why should I participate in nutritionDay?

Generally health care focuses mainly on reducing obesity in society. nutritionDay focuses on the problem of “malnutrition” or “undernutrition” which receives much less attention.

Malnutrition in hospitals and nursing homes often affects patients with specific diseases and the elderly. It may have negative effects on recovery, outcome and quality of life of these population groups. A lot has been done to fight malnutrition but despite this, many are still affected and are sometimes still left untreated. By participating in nutritionDay you help to raise awareness and make “the fight against malnutrition” a priority issue.

Your participation can really help!

  • You support your unit in improving the quality of food
  • You help the unit staff to find out if you are eating normally or if you are,perhaps, eating less
  • You help the unit staff to understand why you are eating less, whether you have lost your appetite and if you have lost weight. This could be because you have pain, difficulties in swallowing, vomiting or other difficulties arising from your current health situation
  • You help the unit staff to find out whether the taste, smell or texture of the food are reasons for not eating everything that is served and, at the same time, you help them to understand what kind of food you would prefer!
  • You help to find solutions for better nutritional care in your institution

We aim, with your help, to improve nutritional care and find solutions to meet the nutritional requirements and food preferences of patients. We want to reduce malnutrition and to increase the nutritional intake of patients at risk.

Your participation helps to make changes in nutritional care!
Your opinion is important to make a difference to nutritional care!