Participation to nDay 2021 extended until JUNE 2022

Later Participation to nutritionDay 2021

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic many hospitals had difficulties in participating this year to nDay 2021.

Due to the many requests, nutritionDay has decided for this 2021 edition to make data collection possible at any date chosen by the unit until June 2022. The date chosen has to be a week-day, excluding weekend days. In this way, units can organize easily and efficiently accordingly to the workload in the unit and on the availability of staff.

Organization with nutrition teams and dietitians in the unit/center is crucial and it could allow nDay data collection during round visits or at convenient time for the unit staff.

It is important to keep track of the outcome collection after 30 days (hospital/oncology category) and 60 days (ICU category) from the "nDay date" chosen by the unit. Patients' outcome collection is extremely important to be able to study its association with patients'nutritional status, nutritional risk factors and nutrition care processes in the unit.

nutritionDay offers the possibility to benchmark and monitor the nutrition care in hospital or nursing home and the patients‘ nutrition risk profile.

Upon participation, units receive a FREE report with unit data comparison to the worldwide reference in the same specialty!

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to all participants of nutritionDay of previous years!
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